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We are coming, 2018 ISE Amsterdan, Stand No.H14 K175

2018 ISE Amsterdan is the most important tradeshow for AV contractors, CMX audio from China is one of the leading IP audio innovators and EN54 system leaders.

We will display various new IP audio system and public address system at the coming show

1) DI-9500 range IP audio system (IP amplifier, IP touch screen MIC, IP POE speaker, DHCP speaker IP address dynamic configuration, remote music broadcast and remote control, remote IP address reset, support web control)

2) DM-9600 rang EN54 IP audio system (IP based EN54 system, full redundancy system, with speaker line monitor, centralized and decentralized monitor system, ideal for airport, metro station, train station and multiple building applications)

3) PA-6120MX 6 channel audio matrix system (6 music for 6 rooms, each room with volume control/channel selector, with 6 call stations, ideal for small zone multiple music application like hotel, fitness center, shopping mall)

4) DA-500A amplifier, 3 mic inputs, 2 aux inputs, XLR MIC with phantom power, 60w-120w-240w-350w-500w, 100v-70v-8Ohms

5) DA-500Z amplifier, 3 zone mixer amplifier with separate zone volume control

2018 ISE Amsterdan, CMX AUDIO Stand No.H14 K175

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