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Mixer Amplifier with USB/SD & FM & Blue Tooth DA-60A, DA-120A, DA-240A, DA-350A, DA-500A

Mixer Amplifier with USB/SD & FM & Blue Tooth    

DA-60A, DA-120A, DA-240A, DA-350A, DA-500A  



ü  Public address mixer power amplifier.

ü  19” rack mount amplifier of 2U height.

ü  Rated outputs of 60W, 120W, 240W, 350W to 500W.

ü  Speaker outputs of 100V or 70V & 4 Ohm-8 Ohm-16 Ohm.

ü  Built-in MP3 player by USB & SD, FM tuner and blue tooth.

ü  Four microphone inputs, Mic1(6.3mm) and Mic/Line input 2-4 (XLR with phantom power).

ü  Line 1-2 inputs on rear panel by RCA.

ü  EMC input on rear panel with highest priority by RCA.

ü  Microphone1 of VOX features of highest input priority except EMC input.

ü  Volume control for Mic1-4 and line 1-2, bass & treble and zone volume control on front panel.

ü  AC and DC Power, protection, clip and output level meters.

ü  Overload, short circuit and high temp protection.

ü  110V-240V AC and 24V DC operation system.

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