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How to Design IP Audio System from CMX Product Range

How to Design IP Audio System from CMX Product Range

Step-1, Mandatary Equipments two parts: server software as audio encoder and audio decoder such as IP speaker, IP amplifier, IP network audio adapters. Optional equipments: IP microphone, fire alarm equipment, IP encoder etc.

Step-2: Audio Sources Encoding. 1) By use IP-600ED to encode any analog audio sources to any IP speaker or IP amplifier.  IP-600ED, website page:  2) By using software IP-600SF, connection analog audio sources to mixer, then to sound card of the server PC, which will transmit the signal to server software as encoding analog signal over IP.

Step-3: How to configure Zone & power output. 1) Small zone small area, ideal choice go for IP speaker, IP-600POE, IP-601POE, each speaker built-in IP decoder as one zone, or group serveral speaker as one zone, each speaker can have different music or paging system simultaneously.  2) Zone speaker around 50 pcs 6W, ideal go for IP amplifier, which have 60W, up to 500W, which can loading 66 pcs. 3)Zone speaker more than 60-100 pcs 6W, ideal go for IP network audio adapter IP-600NA with separate 1000W or 2000W amplifier.

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