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Yading Peninsula Hotel Choose CMX IP Audio System

Yading Peninsula Hotel is one 4 stars hotels include more than 200 rooms, 3 restaurants, fitness center, 7 conventional rooms, parking, outdoor swimming pool, which is located in the city center and famous for tourism.


The CMX IP-600 system is flexible for music streaming and speech paging which is of more than 27 areas. Its high quality sound recreation and easy configuration end-user friendly AV display had deeply impressed the hotel IT engineers: " CMX audio is the right choice for IP audio system without any doubt, the details of products and the considrate reminding card bring us easy use and confortable feeling on this brand name, our future hotel sound system will still be the extreme welcomer of CMX AUDIO".

IP-8000 Hotel IP Audio System Features:

1) Each IP amplifier built-in IP streaming, public addess amplifier and control board

2) Different IP streaming ability of different zone simultaneously

3) Different program, music, voice message, paging system for different zone

4) IP public address system built-in scheduler for timely control broadcast

5) With central server for centralized management

6) Minimum cost and easy upgrade and future upgrade

7) IP PA system could be built-up over existing LAN network

IP-8000 Hotel IP Audio System Connection Diagram:

IP-8000 Hotel IP Audio System Product Website Page:

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