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IP Network Amplifier 60W-120W-240W

CMX AUDIO upgrade the IP network audio amplifier IP-8000 range with new chip, to ensure its network speed of higher efficiency.

The IP-8000 IP amplifier are easy set up IP amplifier for any commercial audio application, just plus in the CAT5 cable and it will connected to the server software, where can program and send audio sources to this amplifier.

IP Network Amplifier IP-8060AMP (60W)                                                   



The head of IP network audio system.

Ideal solution for small size multiple room network audio system like school, office and hospital.

Built-in IP network audio adapter and PA 60W digital Class-D power amplifier in 1U.

Multiple music programs could be matrix distributed from server to different zones.

Built-up over existing LAN/WAN network system, non-dedicated network system is needed.

Start time is less than 1 second.

Design with 3”colorful LCD in English display.

3 mic inputs, 2 aux inputs and 1 line output.

With 100V speaker outputs by screw terminal.

Mic1 input on front panel with VOX priority.

Separate volume and tone control for each 5 inputs.

The output priority level from sources, network program are editable.

With short circuit contact output for relay or communication with third party system.

Support LAN/WAN, Ethernet system, support over gateway and over router.

IP network amplifier IP-8060AMP website page and PDF catalog download link:

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