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EA-30 30W Public Address Mixer Amplifier Achieve 400% Sales Growth in US Market

EA-30 30W Public Address Mixer Amplifier Achieve 400% Sales Growth in US Market

EA-30 is one compact amplifier suitable for various applications, the US market is high sensitive with price while quality must be standard universal level to compete with Crown, Atlas and EAW etc local brands.

The US market always is the benchmark of worldwide market, they mainly using AI to tell all input, output and performance of the public address mixer amplifier EA-30 before any action. Surprisingly CMX audio quality surpass their quality standards and quickly won PO from the US AUDIO giant brand name, so we start the first lot production and ship the container to catch the hot selling seasons. "This amplifier helps our company to make up the gap of compact audio of affordable cost while offer you unexpected audio quality", this is product manager's assesement of this tabletop amplifier. So we contact more retail shops and our agent try to enlarge their stock number and we surely have confidence to offer them better credit since we have rather good margin and reliable quality ensurance.

That is the great story of US businessman, which is known as world business means whoes always try to worldwide the sales across countries rather for his own, so they have ambition and courage stock good qty to enjoy good discounts.

Now let's look at this amplifier details, why it will won such high sales growth?

120W PA Amplifier with USB/SD & FM & Blue Tooth                                                                



Compact mini size public address amplifier

Ideal for classroom sound system use

Built-in 100V/70V transformer technology

Tabletop amplifier with Mp3 player, FM radio & blue tooth

Rate power output at 30W, 60W to 120W.

Speaker output of 100V or 70V & 4Ohms-8 Ohms-16 Ohms

Mp3 player with USB/SD input on front panel, IR remote control for Mp3 player, FM radio and blue tooth

LED indicators for power, clip, protect and signal

Mic1-3 and line 1-2 and telephone input. Mic1 of balanced XLR input with phantom power on rear panel. Mic2-3 microphone or line switchable unbalanced 6.3mm phone jack input. Line 1-2 input of RCA input and one RCA line output. Telephone input with VOX priority and MOH (Music on Hold).

Volume control for Mic1-3, line1-2, Mp3/FM, bass/treble and master

With short-circuit, clip, overload and high temp protection

AC220V or 115V & 24V DC both operation system

EA-120, public address mixer amplifier website page and data sheet download link:

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